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Business Brigade Overview

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Provide rural community members with a community banking system , that has access to loans, financial literacy programs, and education to increase production and foster a culture of savings and growth.

The Mission

To empower economic development in local under-resourced communities in Panama with limited or no access to credit through volunteers that provide micro-enterprise consultations and workshops, using savings and loans credit unions established and monitored by Global Brigades.

The Brigade

  • Visit community members in their homes and develop an understanding of each family’s economic situation.

  • Determine how they want to allocate their $100 community investment funds depending on the need of the community.

  • Build Policy, Build Ability and Build Leaders

Business Telebrigade

For students who care about economic opportunities in under-resourced communities

This innovative program incorporates:

  • Mentors from Deloitte or Accenture

  • Live consultations

  • Consulting deliverables

  • Opportunity for affordable loan capital to help clients execute their business plans

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