Madeline Simon - Spotlight

October 10, 2016

Madeline is a junior studying biomedical engineering here at Mizzou. She is from Columbia – “Go Rock Bridge!” She is involved with Engineering Ambassadors and Veritas. She leads a small group of 8th grade girls at her church. Madeline works at Nanova Biomaterials Inc. and does research at the Lorson Lab on campus. She loves spending time with my family and friends, reading, and her bed. Madeline went on a Medical Brigade to Panama in January of 2016. Madeline is one of our current Fundraising Chairs for the 2016-2017 school year.



Do you have any advice for new brigaders?

“Get to know the people you are serving as people and not as a check mark off your list. The more you interact with the people and get to know them and their culture, the better you'll be able to serve and love them. This trip is not about you! It's not ultimately about how much you gain from the experience, although you will learn a ton! It's about the people you are serving and helping out those around you. Try your hardest to go into the trip focusing on the ways that you can serve others, not how others can serve you.”



What was your favorite food served in country?

“Oranges straight from the trees in the community we were working with.”



What was your favorite thing about working in country?

“I loved getting to know the people in the community we served in. Hearing about them, their families, and their stories made serving them a joy.”



What was a memory that you made while on the brigade?

“I was able to work with the pharmacist on the last day in the community, she was so friendly and cared deeply for the people there. I got to hear about her family, see pictures, and share stories about mine. She didn't hardly speak any English, and I hardly spoke any Spanish, but it was really cool.”





"Participating on a medical brigade in Panama opened my eyes to one of the most problematic disparities that exists in our world today - the right to basic health care; Global Brigades Mizzou has offered me the opportunity to explore, learn, and help initiate change."











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