Molly de Jong – Spotlight

November 21, 2016




Molly is a senior finance major here at Mizzou. You can find her either studying, drinking wine, or painting old women's nails at the nursing home she volunteers at. Molly went on the Microfinance brigade to Panama in January of 2016. She is one of our fundraising chairs for the 2016-2017 school year.










What was a memory that you made while on the brigade?

“At the end of the week, our community put on a performance for us with their original dress and dancing. It was awesome to experience a culture unlike anything I have seen before.”


What was your favorite food served in country?



What was your favorite thing about working in country?

“Developing close relationships with the families and community we were working with.”



Do you have any advice for new brigaders?

“Try to make friends with the other brigaders before the trip!”



What is something funny or odd that happened to you in country?

“I was having really bad allergies, so I went to the medic and asked for allergy medicine. So he reaches into his bag and pulls out a plastic baggie of pills. Thinking to myself, this seems sketch probably shouldn't take this pill. I reached in and took the pill. I don't know what happened to me but I felt so off. Probably wasn't translated correctly as allergies but oh well.”


"My favorite experience while working in country was when we first arrived to our community and all the community members were dressed in their indigenous cultural outfits and they sang and danced for us and it was just so amazing and made me feel so welcome in a country that I had never been to before."




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