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Water Brigade Overview

The Water program implements sustainable water solutions to prevent water related illnesses in communities with limited access to clean water. With access to a higher quantity of clean water and with corresponding water, hygiene and sanitation education, community members can cut off the connection between water and illness and ultimately live healthier more productive lives. Water projects are implemented through the utilization of student volunteers during 7-10 day trips to Ghana and Honduras, called "Water Brigades."



Empower community members to access sufficient clean water through infrastructural development, water treatment, community leader training and education.



The Brigade

  • Work side-by-side with community members to implement a water system.

  • Work directly with the community-led Basic Sanitation Committee to prepare a water and health education workshop taught in the local schools.

  • Make a tangible and sustainable impact on the knowledge of the community

Learn more about this brigade!

Check out the below video from our 2017 water brigade!

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